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Text summarizer is an online AI-based tool that summarize text into a meaningful, coherent, and concise form. Our AI summarizer trims several paragraphs of your text into one.

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How to Use our Text Summarizer?

  • First, insert your text (.pdf, .txt, .doc) into the text area by pasting or uploading.
  • Select the available options of summarization length, show bullets, & best line.
  • Last but not least, press “Text Summarize”.
  • Copy the summarized text and use it wherever you want.

Modes Offered by AI Summarizer

This AI Summarizer is perfect for dealing with humans' changing requirements. It achieves this aim with the help of two modes. Below is a brief explanation of each mode:

Summarization via Key Sentence

In this mode, our text summarizer finds and summarizes the key phrases that best capture the essential points of the text. The tool condenses the given content to its most essential details here. Therefore, this mode is perfect for quickly scanning over lengthy texts because it gives a concise synopsis of the information.

Summarization via Paragraph

In this mode, our AI summarizer examines full paragraphs. This helps our tool to create a summarization that maintains the most important information while offering more context than the other modes. Therefore, it works well for encapsulating the subtleties and specifics of larger sections.

Key Features of our Text Summarizer

Our text summarizer has very fascinating features. One of them is its intelligent and efficient AI-based algorithms that completely summarize text within seconds.

Customizable Summarization Length

This summarizing tool offers complete control to its users. Users can tailor the length of the generated summarized content according to their preferences. Therefore, whether you want a brief or detailed summarization completely depends on you.

Text Summarization in Bullets Form

Our summarize tool makes it easier to scan and understand the main points from a lengthy piece of text. The tool achieves this goal by providing the generated summarized text in the form of bullet points.

Check the best lines:

Users can use our summarizer to analyze your content, which will help you know its strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can rank your content concerning the best lines you have written. In this way, you can rectify your writing mistakes.

Real-time Processing:

This text summarizer is here to save its users time and make them more productive. For that, the tool processes the entered text in real time and generates instant results.

Elimination of Redundancy

The developers of this summarize tool have programmed it to generate concise and coherent text summarization. Therefore, this AI summarizer will always produce output by eliminating all instances of redundant information from the given text.

Support Word/Text Files

Our online summarizer provides flexibility and convenience to its users. It also allows them to upload whole document files instead of conventional text-entering methods. Some of the commonly supported file formats in this tool are ‘.txt,’ ‘.doc,’ and ‘.docx.’

Easy Download/Copy

This free summarizer makes it simple for users to store the generated output. All they need to do is select the ‘Download’ or ‘Copy’ option. The result will be copied to the clipboard using the “Copy” option or exported to device storage using the ‘Download’ option.

How Does the Summarizing Tool Work?’s text summarization tool uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms. The aid of sub-branches of AI enables our tool to grasp the context and essential elements included within the text. Therefore, when users process a piece of content with this text summarizer, the tool first understands its context and essential points. This eventually allows it to evaluate and reduce long texts into briefly summarized paragraphs precisely.

Usage of Text Summarizer in Multiple Domains

Our text summarizer’s precise and user-friendly approach to summarization generating has led to its widespread applicability across several domains. Below are a few of those domains:

Paragraph Summarizer

This online summarizer is capable of being referred to as a paragraph summarizer. This paragraph summarizer helps condense the content of a paragraph into a shorter version.

Article Summarizer

With our AI summarizer tool, any kind of article can be effectively summarized to its gist. Therefore, this web utility eliminates the need to read a complete article to understand its important ideas.

Essay Summarizer

Our essay summarizer can aid students in the research and understanding of essays. By simply processing complicated essays with this tool, students can extract key ideas and arguments in an easy-to-understand manner.

Paper Summarizer

This paper summarizer can reduce scholarly articles in order to facilitate understanding. Therefore, academicians and researchers can benefit from the accurate paper summarization capabilities of this utility.

Story Summarizer

Our tool’s state-of-the-art algorithms can rapidly save time and effort by grasping the main message of novels and short tales. Therefore, readers will be able to understand the stories and novels more quickly with the help of this AI summarizing tool.

What is the scope of the Summarizer tool?

Our summarizer tool has a vast scope owing to the demand for this tool in almost every field of life.


Journalists essentially spread the word to the public in a precise yet striking manner, so much so that the general audience gets notified. It's an art to create comprehensive headlines that are not devoid of meaning. This summarizer is a perfect assistant for journalists as it can complete their overbearing tasks easily.


Needless to say, our summarizer tool is a feast for students. A good summarize paragraph cannot only help them understand better but also help them get good grades.


Keeping in mind the changing educational environment, our software is also made to assist teachers. Teachers make assignments and papers for their students to test.

However, this activity can be more productive if AI-based software joins them in this venture.

Benefits of Using the Summarizing Tool

This feature-rich text summarizer offers a plethora of advantages to its users. Some of them are given below:

Content Efficiency

Sometimes, it takes a long time to process a piece of information. But our summarize tool makes this process more efficient. It provides its users with a quick and accurate way of condensing any text to its gist. Therefore, users can take assistance from this web utility and perform efficiently in their respective fields.

Clarity in Complex Texts

The resources on the internet do not always provide clear explanations. Sometimes, they leave netizens even more confused. In such a situation, our summarizing tool will serve as a blessing as it can convert complicated language into simplified, making it easier to absorb and digest the information.

Support for Different Learning Styles

Every human has a different learning style. Some prefer the conventional reading/writing approach, whereas others are fond of auditory learning. However, our text summarizer is a one-stop solution for different learning styles. By presenting the information in a condensed and structured format, this sentence summarizer can cater to all the popular learning styles.

Enhanced Productivity

Generally, summarizing something demands a lot of time and effort. However, our free summarizer can save its users time and effort. This summarize tool can instantly summarize any text, regardless of the length and complexity. Therefore, by taking aid from this online tool, users can focus on other essential endeavors and increase their productivity and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Question

What modes does AI Summarizer offer?

This AI summarizer offers two modes: Summarization via Key Sentences and Summarization via Paragraphs. In summarizing via key sentences, bullet points will be extracted, whereas key sentences will be presented in the form of a paragraph with the paragraph mode.

Can the summarization tool handle different types of text files?

Yes! Our tool can handle different types of text files, such as ‘.doc,’ ‘.docx.’ and ‘.txt.’

Is it possible to control the length of the summarization?

Yes! It is possible to control the length of the summarized content by adjusting the provided slider.

How accurate is this text summarizer?

This text summarizer is completely accurate because the advanced algorithms working at its backend ensure the generation of precise text summarization.

Are there any limitations to this text summarizer?

No! This tool doesn’t impose any limitations. You can use it as many times as you like to extract the gist from a short or lengthy text.