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Grammar Checker

Review and fix the grammatical hiccups in your content with our free grammar checker. Use this text corrector to make your write-ups flawless for free.

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How to Check Grammar?

Grammar checker comes with an easy-to-understand interface that will help you detect and correct grammar errors like a pro. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to use this tool:

  • Upload content in the given box.
  • Hit the “Check Grammar” button to start the process.
  • Wait for a few seconds to let the tool highlight mistakes.
  • Click identified errors to rectify them with the given suggestions.
  • Copy or download the corrected document with a single click.

Key Features of Grammar Checker Free

Our online grammar checker consists of a variety of features that make it the best tool to check grammar over the web. Some of its key characteristics are discussed below:

100% Free Grammar Corrector

This grammar corrector is being offered on a freeware model. You won’t be asked to pay a penny for using this 100% free of cost utility.

High-End Accuracy

The backend of this grammar check tool ensures the delivery of precise results. You can trust this corrector english due to its high end accuracy and proofread textual content with peace of mind.

Real-Time Grammar Suggestions

The grammar checker can help you know and correct grammar mistakes in real time. As you make changes to your text, it will tweak the suggestions to fix grammatical errors accordingly.

Single Click Grammar Correction

While using this grammar corrector online, you won’t have to rectify mistakes on your own. This grammar check tool offers the feature to make corrections with a single click. You just have to tap on the mistakes and choose the suitable suggestions to apply them automatically.

No Signup

The english grammar check tool doesn’t ask its users to go through the hassle of getting registered. You aren’t required to sign up or link your email address to proofread your content with this grammar checker free.

Support All English Variants

Besides being multilingual, the grammar checker online free also supports different variants of the English language. You can simply select your preferred variant and conduct the grammar check online with a single click.

Corrections Offered by AI Grammar Checker

The AI grammar checker on check-plagiarism isn’t limited to correcting a certain type of grammar mistakes. Its advanced algorithms can help you rectify all kinds of writing mistakes, such as the ones described below:

Grammar Correction Online

This grammar corrector online will identify and rectify all kinds of grammar mistakes in your text. From subject-verb agreement to tense consistency, usage of modifiers, and sentence structure, this text corrector will highlight all issues and help you fix them.

Spell Correction

If you are not good with spelling, then the built-in spell correction facility of this grammatical corrector is here to assist. It will ensure to find misspelled words in your text and provide you with their correct variation.

Punctuation Correction

You can enhance the readability and clarity of your text with this grammar corrector. It helps you punctuate your text accurately by focusing on ensuring proper usage of punctuation marks, such as commas, periods, semicolons, colons, quotation marks, etc.

Words Corrections

The NLP algorithms of this free grammar checker help it understand the crux of the text, which allows it to identify inappropriate or inaccurate words it contains. Besides detection, it also suggests better alternative words that can match the context of your write-up.

Words Capitalization

Capitalization is an important aspect of writing, as it contributes to the professionalism and readability of the content. This grammar check also ensures proper word capitalization in your submitted text. It thoroughly checks the first letter of sentences, proper nouns, headings, and subheadings and lets you know whether any word needs to be capitalized.

Users Associated with the English Corrector

Our English corrector facilitates individuals from different walks of life. The prominent users associated with this utility include the following:


Writers can benefit from this English corrector to ensure the accuracy of their writing. Whether they are working on blogs, copies, novels, or any other form of content, they can utilize this grammatical corrector to make their work flawless.


Learners don’t have to worry about losing grades due to their weak grip on grammar. They can use the grammar checker free to improve the quality of their academic work. From research papers to assignments, essays, and thesis, they can run any form of text in this online grammar check to get rid of potential grammar mistakes.


The grammar check online can help teachers in reviewing the work submitted by students. This utility can help them save an ample amount of time, as it automates the proofreading process and lets the teachers know all kinds of writing mistakes existing in the submitted content.


It’s crucial for bloggers to publish error-free content on their blogs in order to maximize their reach and engage the audience. They can achieve this objective with the help of our English corrector, as it helps them overcome typos and grammatical errors in their content.

What Factors Make Check-Plagiarism The Best Grammar Checker?

The grammar corrector is an outstanding facility for checking and correcting your textual content. The distinctive factors that make it the best grammar checker involve the following:

  • Its super-compatibility with all kinds of operating systems makes it easily accessible for users from all over the globe.
  • You don’t need to install a software application or extension to use this web-based free grammar checker.
  • This grammar corrector permits users to review limitless text-based files for free.
  • Its AI-backed technology helps you improve clarity and engagement elements in your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Correct Grammar?

You can correct grammar in your content by simply pasting text into this tool. You can detect and correct grammatical mistakes existing in it.

What Types of Corrections Are Offered by the AI Grammar Checker?

The AI grammar checker available on this platform offers a variety of corrections to help users polish and enhance the quality of their content. These corrections include grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, tenses, tone of voice, and capitalization.

How Does the Online Grammar Checker Ensure Accuracy?

The grammar checker ensures accuracy by using advanced technologies, which include natural language processing and machine learning. These sub-branches of AI enhance the precision of this online grammar check in the detection and correction of errors from any kind of text.

Can I Use the Text Corrector for Free?

Yes! You can use the text corrector for free on check-plagiarism. No matter how many files you proofread, this tool won’t demand a single penny.

Does the Grammar Checker Support Different English Variants?

Yes! The grammar checker supports different English variants, including American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South African.

Is there a Limit to the Text that the Free Grammar Checker Online Can Analyze?

Yes! The grammar checker imposes a limitation on the text that can be analyzed. Users can upload a document of up to 1000 words to this tool. If you want to check the content of more than 1000 words, you can divide it into parts and run them for free in this english grammar corrector, as there is no restriction on the number of times you use it.

Does the Grammar Checker Offer Explanations for Suggested Corrections?

Yes! The grammar checker displays explanations alongside all the corrections it suggests. You can review them to improve your grip on the language and write flawless content.

How Does the Grammar Checker Handle Contextual Errors?

The grammar checker utilizes NLP algorithms to evaluate a piece of text and assists it in identifying contextually incorrect words. It then suggests suitable replacements for such errors that can bring clarity and engagement to content.