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Readability Score Checker

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Readability Score Checker

Readability relates to how simple it is to read the whole text rather than the readability of individual characters. Some fonts or font styles, for example, sans-serif fonts, are considered to have low readability and are therefore not suitable for large amounts of prose.

What is Readability Checker Tool?

Readability Checker is a tool that allows checking how easy and understandable your writing is for a particular audience. In other words, it defines the readability of the text. The readability score consists of a series of tests that calculate the level of readability of the text from various aspects. Tests use different formulas and represent the results in the form of scores. The score is calculated based on various criteria by counting words, syllables, and sentences.

How to Use Our Readability Test Tool?

To check the level of reading of your work, just copy and paste your writing into the box below and click the 'check readability' button. We will examine your writing based on the Flesch-Kincaid formula. It assesses the 'grade of reader' who can understand your writing clearly in the first reading. The Flesch-Kincaid formula work by calculating variables that have the greatest impact on readers who can 'accept' a little writing: sentence length, number of syllables per word, number of passive sentences.

How Does Our Readability Score Work?

Our Readability Checker takes a sample of your writing that pasted in the text Box. Then, it counts the number of sentences, words, syllables, and characters in your content. Our online readability score checker takes the output of these numbers and connects them to the Flesch-Kincaid formula. This formula then let you know the reading level and level of your text according to the grade and help you determine whether your audience can read your writing piece or not.

Why Should You Use Readability Score Checker?

Free Readability Test

Calculating readability scores manually is very time consuming, but the Internet gives teachers a variety of tools for fast text analysis. Readability can be measured easily on Readability Checker by, where free readability tests are available for the text.

How to Improve Readability Score?

We recommend focusing on this section as a whole, rather than individual sentences when wanting to improve readability. Be careful when changing repetitive parts so that they do not fall into the formula writing trap. Also, note that shorter and wavier sentences that are actually harder to read can receive a better score too.

Do you understand the importance of readability for your target audience and for SEO purposes?

A clean, colorful, and easy to read message will help your audience learn more about your product or service. It is essential to identify the exact balance between client writing and search engine writing. Use easy-to-understand keywords and manage bounce rates to maintain good SEO rankings. Our readability checker also provides keyword density with 1 word, 2 words, and 3 words. It's important not to do keyword stuffing in the article. The SEO ranking takes into account the readability statistics, indicating how important the article is. Check the readability of your website by using the readability tool and then make changes as needed. It is important to know that "Do you understand the importance of readability for your target audience and for SEO purposes?"

All online content must be written with a specific purpose. Beware of the audience you want to reach with your work, make your message interesting, and most importantly, make sure that your message can be translated and easily understood. Readability is a major factor in online content and can greatly increase the level of search engine optimization (SEO) of your site. Readability is the way to make your writing understandable and easy for your target group to understand.

It doesn't matter what you say if no one can understand it. Understanding your audience and the expectations of their readability are one of the most important parts of writing. This can be marketing, teaching, or working on a novel. No matter the media (website, blog, novel, Facebook post), your content must be friendly in order to succeed. If your audience expects a particular type of writing, failure to meet those expectations can boom. In result, you may lose your readers.

Quality content is easy to read and understand and matches the preferences of the audience he wants. Using tools such as Readability-Score, which is based on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, will help you ensure your content matches your audience's reading, expectations, and preferences. It is extremely important when you create content for kids or teens or for those whose mother language is not English. Readability score does not only tell the readability level, it indicates the grammatical mistakes as well to make your piece of writing grammar error free. Although you can check grammar via Grammar Checker for the more accurate and detailed report.

Flesch reading ease table

In Flesch reading ease higher value indicates that text is easier to read while low value indicates that text is difficult to read. Below is the table according to the Flesch reading ease score and its comparison with grade levels.

Score School Level Ease Level Details
100.0 — 90.0 5th grade Very Easy Its very easy to read. An average 11-year-old student can easily understand it
90.0 — 80.0 6th grade Easy Easy to read, Conversational English for consumers.
80.0 — 70.0 7th grade Fair Easy Fair Easy to read and undertand english.
70.0 — 60.0 8th & 9th grade Plain English Easily understood by 13 to 15-year-old students. Difficult for students younger than 13 Years
60.0 — 50.0 10th to 12th grade Fairly Difficult Fairly Difficult to read.
50.0 — 30.0 College Difficult Difficult to read. Best understood by College students.
30.0 — 0.0 College graduate Very Difficult Very difficult to read. Best understood by university graduates.