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Small caps text generator

Sometimes people wonder while seeing posts on Facebook, Tumblr or any social site that how some posts include texts in different manners. They find the tiny text and questions from where they come and how do people write it. If you are also in search of where these small texts come from, our small text generator is the answer of your questions.

Nowadays, you will find small texts on wedding invitation cards, visit cards, social media posts, and ad banners to attract the attention of the audience. Gone are the days when big texts were the only ones made for charm. Today's generation uses Small Text in various methods and for various purposes. Our tool helps convert plain text into Small text, no need for additional software or anything. All you need to do is copy and paste this text where you want it to be.

How Does Our Tiny Text Generator work?

Our online small text generator changes your standard text to Small Caps and Superscript, and Subscript. This tool is very easy to use. Copy the text you want to make small. Paste it into the blank text box or left column. Then you will see the generated result on the right into the small text, superscript, and subscript. Copy the small text and paste it into Excel, Word, Facebook, or wherever you want.

Where You Can Use Small Text?

The size and layout of your text can make a huge impact on the experience of reading something on the screen. Our online small text generator that converts normal text letters into three formats that you can copy and paste to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media posts and status updates. This basically allows you to make text smaller and fancy.

All major social networks still support most special Unicode characters. There are some exceptions where the use of special characters is not allowed. For example, the Google search engine does not display "Zalgo text" or circle text in the page title. But if you try to place small text on Tumblr posts or on Facebook status updates and comments, then you won't have a problem at all. This mini text is good for making your comments look different (and therefore prominent) than others.

How to Convert Original Text into Tiny Text?

Small text can be easily converted from the original standard version. You don't need to download any software; you do not need to follow the long procedure. All you need is online tiny text converter that can change the standard text to a different one. With a simple copy and paste method, you can save your time and can write posts in small text, superscript or subscript.