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Line Counter

Well, we generally know there is a word count that comes with Microsoft Word but it becomes tricky when you need to count lines in order to make your writing more precise. Our online line counter facilitates writers to count lines, words, sentences, and total characters in one go.

How to Use Line Counter Tool?

Copy and paste your text into the box to see how much you have written. The line counter will count lines, words, sentences, and characters automatically. It will count all the words including, hyphen and quotations for more precise results. The tool is equally useful for any posts that you do in a non-word program or if you work on a mobile device.

How many lines and words can exceed or below and are still considered right on target?

The general rule is that you are fine if you write articles with 5 percent less or 5 percent more words than assigned. For a 500-word story, it will be 475 words to 525 words. For a 1,000-word story, it will be 950 words to 1,050 words. For an article of 3,000 words, it will be 2,850 to 3, 150 words. But you cannot always count the words for 3000 words long article? Our line counter and word counter tool are a lifesaver in such scenarios.

Line Counter Helps in Trimming Unnecessary Long Essays

Writing 1,300 words for a task that requires 1,000 may not seem like a big problem for you. But if your editor has five assignments of 1,000 words and all of them are more than 300 words, it will require a lot of extra work for him to cut everything down while keeping all the key elements. And would you rather have an overworked editor who is frustrated by having to make a five-story piece in one day to make your story piece well-built or do it yourself?

So, what are you supposed to do?

You can use our advanced online line counter that does not only count words but also provides statics of total lines and characters. These statics help writers to cut down unnecessary long essays while keeping the key elements safe in the essay.

Line Counter Provides Space to Key Elements in Writing

The common issue when writing on an important topic is what to include and what to exclude? Knowing the exact lines and words of written essay can help you in determining the most preferred lines in the article. A boom of words can spread over the page in flow but it is utmost important to keep the article short and precise, specifically when the words limit is given.

Know How Many Extra Words You Can Include

This is not something that often happens but if you run out of words, it's because you haven't investigated the topic thoroughly. So, writing and line counting is not always for extra words. Online line counter tool also tells how many more words you need to add in the essay to complete it according to the given guidelines.

Line Counter for Scholarship's Applications

We all know that scholarships are extraordinary. Chosen to receive an award means you can pay less tuition while avoiding expensive student loans and other debts. Usually, students need to write essays for scholarship applications, and having the right scholarship essay length and format is very important.

Often, students are bothered by the requirements of essay content. They ignore the scholarship essay length requirement that can actually distinguish them from the crowd (and help judges understand what they are trying to say!)

How Many Lines Should Be in Your Scholarship Essay?

In many cases, requirements such as line counts, word counts, spaces, and fonts ensure that the scholarship committee can successfully review the anticipated amount of delivery in the time available. And, usually, they won't make an exception.

For example, if an essay needs 300 words, the committee is likely to be fine with 300 incorrect deliveries, because specific targets can be challenging. So, if you send a work consisting of 297 or 304 words, that's fine. However, if you submit a 400-word essay, they will likely disqualify you from consideration. In the end, the closer to the target, the better. Our online line counter helps students to count lines and words with one click so they can secure their scholarship and outstands among the crowd.