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Check plagiarism and verify the originality of your content effortlessly by using our plagiarism checker. Simply copy and paste your text to detect any instances of plagiarism.  

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How to use Plagiarism Checker free?

To check plagiarism of your content by using our plagiarism detector online, follow the below instructions:

  • Type or paste your text into the input box.

  • Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button.

  • Check the results in the output section. You can also download the resultant file.

Our similarity checker will scan the given content against millions of online resources and generate an accurate plagiarism report with percentages. With Deep-Search technology, free plagiarism checker can also detect instances of plagiarism accurately.

AI Plagiarism Checker vs. Traditional Plagiarism Detector


The AI plagiarism checker utilizes advanced technologies to detect plagiarism from any kind of text accurately. It is designed to check plagiarism from content that has been tweaked using synonyms. In addition, the free plagiarism checker also possesses the ability to hunt instances of accidental plagiarism, as they are equally destructive to your credibility. On the other hand, a traditional plagiarism detector can only locate the phrases and sentences that have been copied word-to-word.

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Features Offered By Our Plagiarism Detector

Check-Plagiarism offers a wide range of features to make the plagiarism detection process super-easy for its users. Some of its prominent features include the following:

Exclusive Database Access

Exclusive Database Access

The free online plagiarism checker provides access to an exclusive database that can detect plagiarism efficiently. It cross-checks your document against the data contained on billions of web pages which ensures 100% accurate analysis and detection of plagiarism.

Fast & Accurate

Fast & Accurate

Our plagiarism checker scans your text against billions of web pages. The superfast AI technology shows you results in a matter of seconds.    

Content Duplication Highlight

Content Duplication Highlight

This duplication checker highlights the plagiarized content in red color to make it easier for you to check for plagiarism in your work.

100% Safe & Secure

100% Safe & Secure

All files and documents checked with our free plagiarism checker online are 100% safe & secure. We do not save or share your data with any third party.    

Multiple files support

Multiple files support

You can check copied content in up to five documents at once (supported formats: doc, docx, txt, and pdf).

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Our online plagiarism checker has a very easy-to-use interface. It provides a simple process to check for content similarities. Users from low educational backgrounds can also use our plagiarism checker.    

Enhanced Reporting with the percentage

Enhanced Reporting with the percentage

Our plagiarism detector provides a complete report with percentages. It shows you to check which phrases in your content are unique and which are plagiarized which is beneficial for reporting.

Sentence based checking

Sentence based checking

Our copyright checker scans every single sentence and compares it with all online resources to detect plagiarism. So not even a single sentence will escape plagiarism scanning.

Reports Sharing

Reports Sharing

After the plagiarism check, you can get a detailed plagiarism report that you can easily share wherever you want.  

Exclude or Include any URL for Duplication

Exclude or Include any URL for Duplication

If you want to check plagiarism in your published content, you can simply copy the URL of the web page and conduct a duplication test.

Content Comparison

Content Comparison

The AI plagiarism checker offers an advanced feature that compare documents for plagiarism. If you are having doubts about the assignments submitted by learners, you can upload their documents to this tool and figure out if they have replicated content from one another.

Free Plagiarism Checker Online Users

Our online plagiarism checker is widely used and loved by thousands of students, teachers, and content writers. We provide super-fast plagiarism detection solutions for colleges, universities, and all other educational institutes.


Students use it to check their papers, assignments and thesis for plagiarism. Plagiarised content is considered a form of academic dishonesty. This means that if a student submits a paper that includes plagiarized material, they could face serious consequences, such as failing the assignment or the entire course or even being expelled from school.


Teachers use our free plagiarism checker to ensure that their students are submitting original work. Our originality checker can help teachers quickly identify plagiarism in student work so they can take appropriate action.

By using our plagiarism detector, teachers can

  1. Ensure academic integrity: By checking for plagiarism, teachers can ensure that their students are submitting original work and not cheating.

  2. Promote original thinking: teachers can encourage their students to think critically and independently to develop their ideas.

  3. Prevent grade inflation: If plagiarized work is undetected, it can lead to grade inflation that can damage the integrity of the institution.

    Check-Plagiarism also provides matched sources, so it helps to cite sources in your document. Use our citation generator to create APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.


Writers use this plagiarism detector:

To ensure originality:

Our originality checker helps writers to ensure that their work is original and not copied from other sources.

To identify and correct mistakes:

Writers can identify and correct any unintentional mistakes, such as failing to properly cite a source.

To improve credibility:

Authors can establish their credibility as trustworthy sources of information by making sure their work is original.


Webmasters use this originality checker to make sure their content is plagiarism-free because

  • Plagiarized content can damage the reputation and credibility of a website.
  • Google has clear policies on plagiarized content and penalizes websites that contain copied content.
  • It can lead to legal problems If the original content is protected by copyright.

Educational institutes

Colleges and universities can integrate our tool using Plagiarism APIs.

Law firms

Law firms can use plagiarism checker free to protect their clients' documents.

Check more details about how to avoid plagiarism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

bulb  What is considered plagiarism?


"According to Oxford: “Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment.”

It involves:

1. Copying and pasting someone else's text

2. Paraphrasing someone else's work without proper attribution

3. Using someone else's ideas without giving them credit

4. Using someone else's images, videos, or other media without permission

5. Submitting someone else's work, such as a paper or project, as your own

copypaste  Is it plagiarism if you copy and paste but cite the source?


Presenting someone’s idea as your own is considered plagiarism. If you copy and paste but cite the source with proper formatting, then it's not plagiarism.

legal  Is the usage of plagiarism detector Illegal?


Educational institutions highly recommend any plagiarism detector to prevent copying of others’ work. Even research work is not considered authoritative without a plagiarism test. So, using an originality report checker is legal and necessary.

consequences  What Devices Does the Plagiarism Checker Online Support?


The plagiarism checker online supports all kinds of devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Since it’s a web-based utility, you can access and use it from any browser by just connecting to a stable internet connection.

legal  Is there a Word Limit for Checking Plagiarism?


Yes! There is a limit of 1000 words for checking plagiarism. However, if your document contains more words, then you can divide it into parts and conduct multiple checks, as there is no limit to the number of times you can check for plagiarism.

legal  Does The Online Plagiarism Checker Support Multiple Languages?


Yes! The plagiarism checker supports multiple languages, including English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Russian, German, and Swedish.

legal  How Secure is the Plagiarism Detector in Terms of Data Privacy?


Plagiarism Detector is 100% safe and secure in terms of data privacy. Once a plagiarism check is processed, the content is automatically removed from our database.

legal  Can the Plagiarism Checker Detect Paraphrased Content?


Yes! This advanced AI plagiarism checker is smart enough to detect content that has been paraphrased from another source. Its AI-based technology allows it to detect patterns and language similarities to figure out whether a piece of text is 100% unique or rephrased from existing content.

legal  Is this Plagiarism Checker Detect Plagiarism in Multiple Documents?


Yes! The plagiarism checker is capable of detecting plagiarism in multiple documents.

We Cover Multiple Platforms

Our plagiarism-checking process supports one of the most popular platforms, WordPress. You can check for plagiarism of your content directly from your WordPress admin panel. Just download our plagiarism checker free plugin and start using it. Check Plagiarism also supports educational institutions through our APIs. Universities, colleges, and other educational institutes & organisations can integrate our APIs to detect plagiarized content on their end. Our plagiarism tool works accurately on other platforms as well.    

Wordpress plugin

A WordPress plugin is available to check plagiarism directly from the admin panel.

Wordpress Plugin
Plagiarism APIs

Configure your plagiarism software with our APIs, to check directly from your server.

Plagiarism APIs

How it Works

Our free plagiarism checker works by using advanced database software to scan for similarities between your text and existing text. Their accuracy is determined by two factors: the size of the database and the advanced algorithm.

Comparing your content

All results are displayed in real-time. You can compare your plagiarised content with any of the matched URLs with just one click.    

Happy Customers

Our best free plagiarism checker is loved by 400,000+ customers worldwide. We have positive feedback from customers of all categories. Look at those reviews below.

Our Customers Feedback

We have 70,000+ happy clients, including Masters, Students, Teachers, and publishers around the world. A Positive previous record is enough for new users to understand that we have the most accurate plagiarism detector..

Nadia Moeen

This free online plagiarism detector is amazing; it checks my content in seconds with very accurate results. According to me, it's the best plagiarism detection software.


I am a student, and I use this tool regularly to check plagiarism for in my papers. Best plagiarism checker online for students.

Moosa Ali

I used their APIs to configure my college website so that students can check plagiarism free for their papers directly from the college website.