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To use prepostseo Code To Text Ratio, Paste up to 10 webpages to view their Code to text ratio: (one url on each line) and click on Check Ratio Button.

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Code to Text Ratio is what shows the percentage of the exact text of a web page. The code shows the HTML code for each web page, while the text shows the actual content of the web page. If there are lots of images or backlinks on web pages, HTML code tends to be excessive. Too much HTML or text code can cause excessive loading time in the visitor's browser.

Code to Text Ratio is an important aspect of any website. It is true that SEO professionals continue to argue about this issue and its relevance in terms of search engines. However, the code to the text ratio is very relevant to the website’s ranking. The written content on the website must also have relevance to the header of the page because search engines rank web pages after checking the text.

How Does Our Tool Work?

Our code to text ratio is a simple and easy tool that can calculate the exact ratio of your code to text. To use this tool, just paste the webpage link and click the 'Check Ratio' button.

Why Does Code to Text Ratio Matters in SEO?

The code to text ratio is used by search engines and spiders to calculate the relevance of your web page. A higher code to text ratio allows you better opportunities to get good page rank in SERP. Not all search engines in their index algorithms use a code to text ratio, but most of them do it like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because search engines don't only consider your titles and links; they consider the website as a whole using all parameters and not just a few. Because of this, having a high ratio of code to text than your competitor's website can give you a good start for on-site optimization.

Higher Code to Text Ratio, Higher ranking

Having a high code to text ratio will help increase the chances of your website getting better rankings in search engine results. Most search engines use code to text ratios, giving you a major advantage over your competitors and in all search engines when you have a higher code to text ratio on your website.

Why Should You Use Code to Text Ratio Tool?

You can use the code checker for text offered by to easily and quickly calculate the percentage of text on a given web page. This tool, also known as a text page tool or text ratio, looks to calculate the percentage of text visible on the body of a page code versus invisible information from web pages such as HTML code or image tags.

What should be the Code to Text Ratio?

The ratio between code and text is a main factor when the page is loaded. So, you can keep this ratio between 25 and 75% but it’s not a very hard and fast rule.