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What is Plagiarism



Check-plagiarism is one of the finest tools in the online world to check plagiarism. The increase in the number of plagiarists stealing intellectual property for personal benefit needed to be stopped. Our developers have made this tool to increase precision and overcome every problem regarding plagiarism faced by individuals worldwide. For years, our tool is tackling every technique used by plagiarists. 

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice to steal, intentionally or unintentionally copying and editing someone else’s text and represent it as one’s own is called plagiarism.

As explained by Wikipedia:

“Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work”.

Stealing someone else’s work and representing and pretending as one’s own is said to be plagiarism. Every webmaster and academic persons have different perspectives over plagiarism and having different definitions but all the definitions referring stealing of work.

Plagiarism not just includes the thieving of texts but also includes the stealing of ideas. Although there are different types in which the most common people have knowledge of is copy-pasting the text. There are other types which most people don’t have proper knowledge of like Mosaic plagiarism, Paraphrasing (rewriting) plagiarism, Inaccurate citation, Self-plagiarism and so on.

All of the types of plagiarism can be avoided just by citing the source, use of quotation marks and giving a backlink or take authorized permission from the author to avoid future problems due to plagiarism.

There are real-life example and people who commit plagiarism in their daily work routine and most common are students, freelancers, news writers, bloggers, writers and so on. Highlighting the fact that writing is a tough job to do. Every day coming with original and kicky ideas is nevertheless easy.

Students often copy-paste to complete or jump-start where they feel out of ideas. This may lead them facing plagiarism problems. Bloggers may lose reputation and lose readers which is not a good sign for a blogger. Freelance writers may lose valuable customers. News writers may lose their jobs and this is not it. All of the people found guilty of plagiarism can bring serious consequences as well.

Committing plagiarism in any sense can bring serious consequences to the plagiarist. This may lead you to lose a job, expelled from an academic institution, you may not get your degree, and you may lose your reputation and legal penalties as well. The process to check for plagiarism is important to carried out in order to avoid serious consequences. Plagiarism harm the cause of those people who work hard to research and apply their best to produce quality content. This is not a fair practice if someone steals your work without any permission to get the benefit of it. Legal actions and other measurements are there that can be used to take down the plagiarist.

To avoid plagiarism there are different ways to do it. There are different ways for different types of plagiarism like proper citation by using different styles like MLA, APP, and Chicago. Quoting the author and giving a backlink is all you have to do. This means you have to give credit and allow your audience or reader to access the original author.

Plagiarists are increasing at an alarming rate. The need of a good plagiarism checker was needed by every individual protecting their intellectual property. Online plagiarism checker tool was the only thing needed by every person to keep an eye over their precious work.

Besides, Google’s spiders itself crawls websites and checks every page to detect plagiarism if present. But for the author's own satisfaction plagiarism checker was needed. Our developers have made this tool with dedication and understanding the problems faced by people worldwide. 




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