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11 Dec 2019 Facebook Twitter Google+
Consequences of Plagiarism

Although the consequences are severe for any person from any profession or field. It directly affects a person’s reputation. No matter the person doing plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally the consequences are the same.

If you are a student, blogger, news writer, freelance writer or even teacher you may face problems in different situations if found guilty of plagiarism. Consequences can be personal, legal and ethical.

Mostly lack of knowledge and understanding leads a person to copy someone else’s work to complete their particular task. Sometimes plagiarism is done due to overload of work on a person and rushing to complete it as soon as possible and creating new ideas for every task is not easy as it may look like.

Here are some popular victims of plagiarism and how plagiarism affects them in different scenarios:

Destroyed Reputation of a Student

Most of the cases are reported in the world of academia. Students lacking interest and knowledge may lead them doing plagiarism. From the very beginning, copying is a trend as students most of the time copy their fellows to complete their tasks and it is not a severe type but this is actually leading them towards a habit of doing plagiarism even when they enter their professional lives.

There is a popular myth between students that creative writing is tough and due to this, they find themselves unable to do it on their own except some brilliant students in every class. However, this myth is leading them not to do anything on their own. Mostly student’s non-native to English find out difficulty while writing stuff.

Plagiarism can lead to the end of the academic career of a student. Once scarred with allegations, a student may lose the ability to write anything in the future. Writing is one integral part of a significant academic career. Losing the ability to write means the end of academic career and position.

Plagiarism can lead students to get suspended from the institution and sometimes in severe case termination from institute might happen. Mostly Masters Students are accused of plagiarism when they copy someone else’s research and representing their own.

Using our tool can be helpful as many of the times accidental or unintentional plagiarism may occur and to avoid termination and other consequences plagiarism must be avoided and a must to do the task for every student. Use of a plagiarism detector is highly recommended for students to avoid any severe consequence. 

Destroyed Reputation of a Teacher

Not only students, teachers are in the same plain. As an example, if you are a teacher and you are given the responsibility to check every student's thesis, to point out mistakes and other aspects. If you pass a particular student and later he was found guilty at any of plagiarism you are equally responsible. The consequences will be the same for you. The best thing for teachers is  to must perform a plagiarism test. 

Teachers often having a busy schedule and don’t have time to check every student’s work with full attention to see every aspect. Workload ultimately causing a lack of attention towards every paper and may face plagiarism indirectly. This can be avoided by using our online free plagiarism tool. Just copy-pasting the text can show any kind of plagiarism present in the text in seconds and plus point is grammar mistakes are also highlighted for further assistance.

Destroyed Reputation of a Blogger

Writing has gained an interest in a number of people. Most people use blogging to express their ideas and their skills to make people understand different things using words. Blogging needs two basic things i.e.  New ideas and a good vocabulary with proper usage.  

Coming with new ideas to engage readers is not easy. Some people are creative but most of them need assistance to create something engaging. However, most of the bloggers have the proper knowledge and avoid plagiarism while giving proper credit to the source. If you haven’t check plagiarism of your written blog, then you can’t be able to rank your blog in higher search results.

Newbies and students lacking limited knowledge most of the time copies stuff from different sources and combine them to create a new text. Even though this can be easily detected by plagiarism detectors. Consequences vary from situation to situation.

Plagiarism can seriously damage the reputation of a blogger if found accused of plagiarism. If a blog has plagiarized content, Google will not rank that blog it means that if you are having a blog with plagiarized content your blog will not be shown on top of the search as Google doesn’t find it useful for the users to read it. It's not beneficial to add copied content in your blog

Losing readers is not a good sign for a blogger. Not ranking up in the search may cause a decrease in the number of the reader coming to your blog and ultimately the blog becomes useless even if you try hard for it.

Destroyed Reputation of a Freelance Writer

To be a freelance writer you have to be an excellent writer to excel in your career. Freelancing is all about convincing and satisfying a customer according to what they need. Freelancers usually are well known for the quality services they provide. The competition is increased and the pressure to create valuable content is needed.

Freelance writers have to work hard with full attention to fulfill the demands of the customers. Plagiarism is common in most of the freelance writer as running out of ideas and words is often a problem. Plagiarism can affect a freelancer a lot. Most of the times freelancers copy paste their own previously published work when they have to rewrite something they already did before.

Losing a customer is one thing but reputation is also destroyed. Negative feedback from someone can affect your profile and you may lose more value able customers related to a specific work.

Legal Outcomes

If found guilty of plagiarism, it may lead you to serious legal problems. Copyright laws are very strict around the globe. Breaching these laws may lead you to face serious issues. Using someone else’s content or text can cause problems like the original owner may sue the person using his work without giving proper backlink or appropriate citation.

In other words, violating copyright laws or doing any kind of plagiarism will be regarded as a criminal offense. People doing writing for a living are mostly liable to legal suits. This happens mostly when a person copy-pastes someone’s work and not giving any credit to the owner.

These laws can lead a plagiarist to compensate with the original owner with the amount of money according to the situation. In severe cases, plagiarist may face imprisonment as well.

Plagiarism consequences may include penalties that will become a financial burden over that person. So there is no benefit to do plagiarism and everyone should avoid doing it. Continuous use of plagiarism software helps to avoid legal infringements. 


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