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Word Count & Character Count

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Table of Content

Word Counter

The number of words is important because it helps you choose your readers. For example, if you write a novel and it has a length of approximately 100,000 words, naturally there will be readers who will not like such novel (only in the terms of a number of words). These examples of readers include children who are interested in the novel itself but cannot read because of the many words. If your novel seems too big, you know you have a problem because it automatically excludes a certain number of people.

Conversely, if you have a few words, your work will be better for some people than for others. Of course, it should be as short as possible: it is necessary to write everything in the world. But it may seem too thin on the shelves (if they are published, in very few words).

We would clarify one general confusion here that the character count is not the only determining factor for which your work adapts to some people and not others. This is just one of many. The most determining factor is usually the content of the work itself.

Definition of Word Count & Char Count

It is only the length of a piece, whether the story is, a blog post, a magazine article or a sales letter. Word counter is nothing more than a piece. The type of work is important because it influences the number of words. For example, a novel will always be longer (80,000 words) than an article in a magazine (usually 1,000 words).

In the same way, certain types of novels will be longer than others. A short story usually has more than 1000 words but also less than 20,000 words. So there are short stories about the number of words that go from one place to another. How about a novel? There are 50,000 new words. It is basically the shortest. There are 80,000, 100,000 and up to 120,000. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have 257,000 words. This (length) depends.

Word Counter for Nonfiction

Nonfiction may be shorter or longer than fiction: once again, it depends. You may face difficulty picking up large books (and risks losing them), then there are short articles that end before reading them. These examples are extreme, certainly, but we can say that no particular or fixed word count is given at all, not even for fiction.

Let's see the char count of an article of the blog. In this subcategory of non-fiction (non-fiction online), there are many types and subtypes that make you turn your head. Some bloggers only publish 250 words. Some work more and publish more than 1000 words of content. So, no formula is given for writers, but nothing is guaranteed in the world of writing. However, according to many experts, Google prefers articles with 1500+ words. Therefore it is always recommended for blog writers to check their post using the letter count tool before making it live.

How Many Words You Should Have for Your Readers?

Well, it's totally up to you. In general, you need to know how many words your work demands when you write. If you are writing on health niche the article can have a minimum of 1000 words since health articles require explanation. On the other hand, if your website has a "news" niche, 300 words are enough. However, you must go for text counter before indexing it on search engines.

Simply put, if you have a small number of words for those who prefer a smaller number of words, that's fine. The same if you have many words for those who prefer it. Everything depends on the content, and if you really get something good, you'll get an exception. In this case, the number of words does not matter.

What is Use of Word Count?

To be honest, if the number of words limits your creativity, you do not have to focus on it. As simple as that. The word count is something that needs special attention during the revision and correction stages. If you write the first concept, forget the number of words. Forget the structures. First, complete the element, write it first, and then finish it.